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Illiana Party rentals only hires individuals with motivation, strength, and good moral character. We strive to be the most qualified team in the industry. Listed below are current job offerings. Please read the descriptions below and follow directions carefully. Once you have read through the descriptions click HERE to submit your resume’ or a brief description of you & your experience / qualifications. Please make sure to include a phone number.

Illiana Party Rentals is looking for quality people to help deliver our party rental equipment all over the northwest Indiana region. This is a part-time position that requires working Thursdays through Tuesdays and sometimes with unusual hours. Below is a brief summary of necessary duties.

Drivers Starting at a flat rate fee per job + fuel cpm – NOT HIRING AT THIS TIME
1. Drive YOUR pick-up truck with OUR trailer or YOUR 14′-16′ box truck to event locations safely and timely while obeying all traffic laws. This will include using GPS and cell phones for route planning and contact with customer(s). Drivers MUST be at least 18 years old, have a valid drivers license with a clean driving record.

2. Loading and unloading all necessary equipment needed for each event. Some of this equipment can be heavy, weighing over 75 pounds. This may require the use of lifting / moving equipment such as a dolly, pallet jack, or other device.

3. Installing and inspecting rental equipment on location using instructions provided by IPR. This includes the installation of large stakes into the ground using a sledgehammer. Basic knowledge of overhead and underground utilities or other hazards is required.

4. Accurately collecting payment from customer(s) of cash and credit cards. This includes recalculating invoices if additional equipment / time is needed to perform a job or for whatever reason a job changes.

5. Returning to the job site after the event to inspect, disassemble, clean, remove, and return all rented equipment making sure to inventory every item so as not to leave anything behind.

6. Greet and interact with each customer with the utmost respect and gratitude. Be patient, kind and helpful.

7. Clean and service the equipment throughout the week when needed.

Driver helper starting at $9/hr:
1. Help driver load vehicle / trailer for each event.2. Help driver navigate to each destination and call each customer to give information about your eta.3. Help driver with loading, unloading, installation, set up, inspection, cleaning, disassembly, problem solving, and any other task that the driver needs help with.4. Greet and interact with each customer with the utmost respect and gratitude. Be patient, kind and helpful.5. You MUST be at least 16 years old with a valid drivers license. You must also have reliable transportation to and from our warehouse in Griffith.6. Clean and service equipment throughout the week when needed.

Do you have your own truck capable of pulling a trailer?
If so, put your truck to work! You can pull our trailer(s) and will be paid a flat rate delivery / pick up fee per job PLUS a competitive CPM for the use of your vehicle. Your truck¬† must be clean and respectable looking. It must be a 2012 or newer vehicle with adequate insurance and equipped with a GPS (in dash or removable). Your GPS must have current updates. Trucks must be at lease 3/4 ton with no major modifications. No loud exhaust. No lift kits. No oil leaks. Box trucks must be at least 16′ long but no longer then 20′. Large lift gates are preferred but a ramp with at least 1500 pound capacity can be used.¬†What we expect from all our employees:You must be clean, well spoken, respectful, honest, reliable, and friendly. No drama. No whining. No last-minute call off’s.You need to be a good problem solver. No two events are ever the same. No two customers are ever the same.Your hours must be flexible. Typical hours are Thursday & Friday starting as early as 8am but can be later then ending around 9pm Saturday & Sunday will be mornings starting around 8am and end when the jobs are done. There may be evening jobs but they are rare. I can not stress this enough. Your availability must be flexible.IPR will help you work around some scheduling conflicts. However, it will be your responsibility to insure the job gets done in a timely and professional manner. The schedule can change at any time. This is due to weather, cancellations, last-minute job additions, postponements, or other factors. This is where your flexibility is key.

You will be paid every Thursday for the hours worked the week prior. You will be required to provide us with a copy of your drivers license or state ID, Social Security number, and current complete mailing address.

Do you speak Spanish or another foreign language? Awesome! It’s definitely not necessary but it can be helpful with some jobs.

This job requires lifting weight in excess of 75 pounds. You must be physically fit and capable of manual labor. You may be required to complete a physical examination before your first day on the job.

This is a non-smoking and drug free workplace. Yes, we test prior to employment.

Ultimately, this is a part-time job that’s great for high-school / college students, teachers, or someone looking for extra income through the summer. We get very busy from the end of March and slow down considerably toward the end of August. Our season pretty much ends on October 1st.


There are currently no available positions. You can submit a resume’ or detailed info about yourself HERE for possible future consideration. Thank you.

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