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Your summer outdoor wedding starts here

Below are some great ideas to help make your summer wedding memorable and fun!

Memorial Day Weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, and with it, the official start of wedding season. Whether you're going to an intimate family affair or a friend's wedding party blowout, now is the time to get some ideas for your own special day. Summer weddings are so popular because they allow for the flexibility of holding the event outside and in open spaces. Doing a wedding in a tent offers even more room for creativity and fun.

Transform your space

Whether you've opted for a scenic spot overlooking a body of water or even your own backyard, choosing a tent means the ability to completely customize the feel of your space. Bringing in lounge furniture and setting up spacious seating areas can make your guests feel like they're in a classy cocktail lounge. Even in a smaller tent, one or two four-person coffee tables surrounded with dark leathered chairs can add a nice space for guests to mingle away from their tables. Draped fabric from the ceiling can also help compliment a specific color scheme while adding a tasteful texture and feel to your day. Remember, this space is yours to fill in. If you like to have a direct hand in the look, there's an endless amount of DIY decorations that are perfect for a wedding reception in a tent. String together pictures of the couple to hang or make miniature vases out of mason jars to make your tent unique. You tent is a blank canvas. Fill it in to fit your taste.


Personalize your lighting

Using a tent for a wedding allows you to customize your guests view of your special day, literally. The right lighting is essential to tie together the perfect wedding tent. If you're having a daytime wedding, a clear-paneled roof may be enough to allow in some natural light. If you're celebrating at night, you'll need to bring in separate lighting. Bistro lights strung across the ceiling is always a classic look that brightens up any space. Lanterns and can lights hung from the ceiling or placed on the ground offer a simple elegant solution, too. Candles on tables or beach lanterns can also be used to brighten things up and set the mood. Remember to talk to your DJ / music coordinator as well. Many DJ's can provide additional colorful up-lighting for a nominal fee.
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